Australia’s newest and most affordable teardrop caravan! You’ll lov’m


With Covid changing just about every aspect of our lives, self-drive holidays are now the cheapest and safest way to see your Australian backyard… not to mention amazingly flexible. 30-minutes notice and you’re away for the weekend. 10-minute setup. Stay a day, a week. Accommodate overnight guests. Hitch up and head to the party a few suburbs away.
One person manoeuvring.
Honest. Good quality. Great value. Australian made.

Pre-orders being taken now!

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$11,500 +gst
SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE for the first ten:
$9,990 +gst
we are only guaranteeing 10 Wotpods before Christmas and 9 are sold. Next batch February 2021
Deposit $5k to secure your Wotpod. If on pick-up you are not in love with your Wotpod, we’ll refund your deposit on the spot.

Extremely easy to tow and manouver

Steel, marine ply, fibre glass, UV protected

Sleeps 2 adults and 1 young child

No more fumbling in the dark, inside or out

All the creature comforts of home

Washing up is a breeze, or a quick drink

Solar, roof-rack, bike-rack, extra storage, off-road upgrade, accessibily modifications…

Drift away in comfort, far far away…

Yeah, we know… over the top but fun :)

Half the price of one overnight hotel!

Wotpod Teardrop Caravan Specs

Wotpods will be built to the highest standards by a team with combined cabinetry experience of over 120 years! The prototype was great, but our upgrade is something special. We will post a detailed video of the upgraded model in October.
Only ten Wotpods will be available before summer and five of these are now sold.


Height 1700mm
Width 1500mm
Length 2400mm + 300mm platform plus 1200mm of drawbar
Wall Width 40mm
Wheel Size 15inch
Drawbar Length 1500mm (note, 300mm of drawbar includes the platform)
Bed Size 1480x1920mm
Tare Weight 490kg


Chassis 65x35x4mm RHS
Body Internal White laminate, matt finish, fully insulated
Body External High-grade marine ply sides, fibreglass & UV gel coat
Kitchen White HMR 16mm, timber top, lacquered
Mattress High density foam



Cost +gst
20L Fridge Solar 300kW (!) and 30amp regulator. (3k 240v inverter add $450) $700
Quality High Density Mattress Roof Rack $300
Gas Cooker and 2x 4kg gas bottles Alcubond sides, choose colours of roof and sides $1250
Running Water & Grey Reservoir Instant Hotwater Shower, includes extra 4kg gas bottle mounted $450
120AMP Deep Cycle Battery Mounted 24inch HD TV USB HDMI DVD & remote $450
Int/Ext Lighting, including sides and kitchen Off-road – independent suspension, brakes, larger tyres, reinforced $5000
Reading Lights 5kW Heater with sophisticated control pad $400
50L Poly Storage Box (houses battery) Ready-to-Go: crockery, pot, pan, 2-tables, 2-chairs, washing up etc. $300
Kitchen Drawers Aluminium Storage Box 1400x 500x 700mm, inlcudes 5 drawers $1,000
Bluetooth Speaker Wifi Reversing Camera $150
Spare Wheel & Jockey Wheel Accessibility Upgrade wider door, grab rails $500
Doors Both Sides Gazebo 4.2m x 4.2m, 10min setup one-person $250

All Wotpods will be badged with their production number – NOT a license plate, but your unique Wotpod ID. Wotpod Wanderers will be invited to setup their own Wotpod Gallery on this Wotpod website in order to share your Wotpod travelling stories and checkout the adventures of others by simply typing in a Wotpod ID in our gallery. Coming soon!
So get in early for the lower production numbers.

Yes! Our standard Wotpods are built with high grade marine ply side walls and a fibreglass/timber combination roof. The whole unit is lacquered and then sprayed with an enduring UV protectant coat. Our standard roof colour is white, but this can be matched to your car colour for an extra $500. We also offer Alcubond (aluminium composite) side walls, which come in an array of colours, for an extra $1000. If you want to choose your roof and sides, the package option is $1250. Add gst too all prices.

Yes,  the skylight and window both have flyscreens and full weather seals.

Yes, the doors are locable, as is the galley kitchen lid, windows and even the towball housing.

All Wotpods come with a 100amp deep cycle battery which will last around 3-days on average. You will need your own battery charger and extension cord.

There is a water storage container under the chassis with a tap to release the grey water when convenient.

The fridge is a 24lt portable which  can be  easily removed and filled from your home fridge in preparing for your trip. You can also plug the fridge into your car's socket on your journey to avoid draining your Wotpod's battery.

Everything is possible,  but please note that any complex refinements will add labour costs, no markup.

Yes, the roof will be reinforced at the anchor points of the roof racks.

The vast majority of pins are 7-pin rectangle male. If for some reason you end up with something different, just let us know in advance. You can also buy adapters, eg here.

Yes and the Wotpod comes with a full gas bottle.

The overall lenth is:

Cabin - 2400mm

Extra platform - 300mm

Drawbar - 1500mm

Total - 4200mm, or 4.2m

Grey water is stored in a grey water reservoir under the belly of the Wotpod and is released by tap.

Yes, the spare wheel is stored under the drawbar.

All Wotpods come with some storage space under the galley kitchen bench, inside the cabin along the shelf and a 50l waterproof poly-storage box (620 x 370 x 345 mm), which houses the battery with room to spare. You may also opt for roof racks and a roof rack basket.

The galley kitchen will be overhauled in our upgraded model, quite different from the images shown on this website. The cooker will slide on rails from underneath the bench, turn dial start cooking.

All Wotpods come with a 12-month warranty... that said, if you find a design fault even a couple of years later, we'll want to know about it. We appreciate high quality items in our own lives, so we have no intention of cutting corners on anything we produce. These are built to last.

You decide what options you want and email us. We will call you and have a chat. We then send you an invoice for the $5k deposit, with a statement that: “You will be refunded your full deposit if you are unsatisfied with your Wotpod when you collect from Strathfield, Sydney." The balance of payment will be due on collection should you wish to finalise ownership. Basically, your $5k gives you first option to take your Wotpod when it’s ready.